Friday, 10 July 2015

Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Narrative Campaign, Tomb Kings vs Skaven

With the apparent end of 8th edition, me and my friend decided to have one last blow-out before trying Age of Sigmar.

We dusted off a couple of armies that hadn't seen play for quite a while (my Tomb Kings and his Skaven) and set about creating some rules.....

Does anybody remember Circle of Blood, Grudge of Drong or Perilous Quest?  They were campaigns that GW released in the late 90's that featured a series of linked battles between 2 armies that re-told a story (with heroes and villains galore - and they are available on scribd).  In the spirit of these campaign packs we didn't want to be too grand or ambitious, so here is the premise of the campaign:

The Burning Sands

Those dastardly ratmen from Skavenblight believe that an item of purest, flawless warpstone resides in the pyramids of Khemri.  And more important than it's monetary value in warpstone is it's rumoured ability to locate warpstone deposits....the only problem is that the item in question is the scarab brooch of usirian - and rests with Settra himself!


We join this expedition at what should have been their moment of triumph, the Skaven have 'liberated' the scarab brooch and are attempting to flee the necropolis but find the ancient dead blocking their escape.  The Tomb Kings cannot allow the scarab brooch to be lost, or Settra will never be able to rise again.

The Campaign Rules

Unperturbed by the scale of the mission, a grey seer and his meatshields loyal warriors set out to take this item of awesome power....but the dead do not rest easy in Khemri.
This campaign consists of 6 linked battles, following the course of the Skaven retreat from Khemri back to Skavenblight.

Winning the Campaign: Each game that is won is worth 3 campaign points, a draw bags 1 point each and a loss receives 0 points.  At the end of the campaign the side that holds the scarab brooch of usirian will receive 1 extra campaign point and the side with the most campaign points wins!  If results are tied, the winner will be the side that has scored the highest overall total of victory points during the campaign.

The Scarab Brooch:  The Skaven player begins the first game with the scarab brooch of usirian.  This can be given to any hero or lord in the army, however the model that begins the campaign with the brooch must suffer the Curse!  The curse inflicts D6 strength 5 hits on the bearer before deployment - if the bearer is slain you may pass the brooch to any other hero or lord in your army, they pick it up harmlessly now the curse is spent and suffer no damage.

The brooch grants the bearer a 4+ ward save, magic resistance (1) and if held by a Skaven model at the beginning of any game the Skaven player receives a bonus chunk of warpstone for any mage in the army to use. All Tomb Kings models will however hate the bearer.

Have Fun:  This campaign is all about having fun, there's no pitched battle power gaming to be had here (as the scenario special rules will make clear!) so don't get hung up about results.  There is a great balance here of rewarding the victor but not allowing them to run away with the campaign early on.

Well that's it for today, I'll get the scenarios themselves up when I can and also a batrep for the first game.  Until next time folks....


I'm back....

After quite a while in the wilderness of marriage and children I am back, well sort of back anyway!

There won't be posts as regularly as I used to churn them out in 2012-2014 but I feel duty bound to record the narrative campaign I am currently playing to say fond farewell to 8th edition, so watch this space!

I'll be seeing ya,